Tech is exploiting our attention and disconnecting us from others, but it could also be the answer to humanity’s ills

We call rapid proliferation on the internet “going viral” for a reason: Ideas spread online exponentially, like viruses. Where viruses hijack our biology, viral memes hijack our minds. In both cases, problems arise when we can’t adapt quickly enough. …

What it felt like trying to teach meditation — a practice all about being less self-conscious — with cameras pointed at my face.

“Do you teach?” The question caught me off guard. I was in the small interview room of an old Benedictine monastery we rented for a meditation retreat. After days of silent practice, I was meeting one-on-one with the teacher to talk shop.

I’d just explained a bit about what I…

How a pursuit that seemed to go nowhere on the surface ended up going far deeper than I ever expected.

When I was a little boy, my parents took me to piano lessons. I remember hating them. We played scales, practiced repetitive keyboard exercises, and learned how to read music. I think I only lasted a few weeks in those classes, but their effect on me lasted almost a decade.

A playful social media experiment captures our love-hate relationship with technology.

On Wednesday July 31st, I ran a little experiment probing the entire Daily Haloha community on their relationship with technology. If you haven’t tried the app yet, it’s basically social media for people who are sick of social media. It uses question prompts to simply and anonymously connect people online…

To those of you who create, remember that your craft is old.

Writers, painters, musicians, actors, poets, dancers, artists… your craft is older than the self-defeating loop. You share a lot with your artistic precedent, with those generations of past creators who did what you do.

First creations are almost…

Jay Vidyarthi

“Good” design as in useful, enjoyable, and ethical. Mindfulness as a tool to reclaim freedom of choice. — Stay in touch at

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