Personal Branding and Executive Positioning in an Integrated Age #PRSAICON

Day 2 at the PRSA International Conference was a fulfilling one!

After firing off several work-related emails (client service never stops!), I met up with Amanda Miller Littlejohn, the award-winning Personal Branding Coach and creator of the Branding Box. We kicked off our session “Personal Branding and Executive Positioning in an Integrated Age” and had a great time discussing strategy and tactics that would help participants:

  • Identify how to use the elements of personal brand positioning to generate awareness
  • Learn how to translate core brand elements into cross-channel content that works
  • Examine the benefits of the Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned (PESO) model and begin to develop plans for execution within an organization

Following that, I headed one door down to “Expert Express: Nonprofit” session to continue the personal branding discussion and share a few stories from my time at the Nature Conservancy, and I had the pleasure of reconnecting with a colleague from my first very first agency.

In many ways, this is the magic of the PRSA International Conference. You have the opportunity to connect with friends old and new who get the challenges and opportunities that come with being a public relations professional.

If you are interested in taking a look at the topics we covered during the “Personal Branding and Executive Positioning in an Integrated Age” talk, click here to view the presentation, and if you will be around for day three, don’t hesitate to reach out via Twitter (@jaywalk1) or say hello if you see me in the halls!

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