The Big Diabetes Lie Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Diabetes Mellitus is the official name for a group of metabolic diseases that affect nearly 350 million people all over the world. Diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period. All forms of this disease are the result of the body not being able to produce enough insulin. It can also happen when a person’s immune system attacks and destroys insulin-producing cells.

Many medical experts (endocrinologists and dieticians in particular) do agree that diabetes can only be managed and not cured. However, there is a medical researcher named Max Sidorov who claims that diabetes can be cured but only if people follow a prescribed plan of action. Sidorov is so convinced that there is a cure for diabetes that he created a book titled: 7 Steps To Health And The Big Diabetes Lie. This book will often be referred to by its shortened name The Big Diabetes Lie.

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How can The Big Diabetes Lie Help to Cure a Person of Diabetes?

In the book, Sidorov explains that diabetes is not only manageable, but the condition can be reversed. He bases this premise off of his many years of experience working with this disease. Sidorov tells people that diabetes can be cured, but pharmaceutical companies and some medical institutions do not want people to be healed from this condition. Want to Earn Money For Buy This? Have a Look at Take Surveys for Cash.

These claims that are being made by Sidorov is very big and dangerous accusations. Sidorov wants the public to realize that doctors normally treat diabetic patients with drugs, injections, pills, and surgery. These processes are important features of western medicine and how patients are treated within a modern medical environment. Before Few Days, I was posted about Old School New Body Review. Sidorov does not believe that this is the best route to take, and he wants people to use a more holistic or natural approach to eliminating this disease.


The Book Explains why a Diabetic should Control their Diet

The main thing that Sidorov claims is that people can eliminate their diabetes by following a strict diet plan and staying disciplined to an active lifestyle. He explains that substances such as salt, fat, and sugar (in particular) are the real causes of diabetes. According to Sidorov, if people stop eating so much sugar they probably would never develop diabetes, to begin with.

Eliminating fast and processed food items from a person’s diet will also do wonders for their body as well. Foodstuff such as white bread, white flour, and white pasta should also be avoided by people with diabetes. Sidorov endorses the use of natural and wholesome nutrition such as vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. This diabetes researcher also wants people to remove meat from their diet, or at least significantly reduce the amount that they consume.

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The book then goes on to explain the differences between unhealthy and healthy fats and how good fats can be used to cure diabetes. The Big Diabetes Lie also has information about how common sweeteners (think table sugar) can play a role with enlarged kidneys and livers. He even lists a group of foods that supposedly provide a better way to heal a person than Metformin which is an oral Type 2 diabetic treatment.

The Big Diabetes Lie also reveals a common household spice that can double insulin production. Sidorov backs up his claims by using data collected from a diabetic research study of 18,000 people in Norway. The book even claims that these 18,000 diabetic patients were able to get off of insulin by following this plan.

Diabetic patients can also use the information within this book to reduce their chances of getting cancer, to detoxify their body and to normalize their blood sugar levels without the use of insulin. In short, this book provides diabetics with a wealth of information that will improve their lives.

Extra Benefits that are available within this Book

Does the information contained within this book work? Patient testimonies are given with mixed results. Some claim that Sidorov’s information is on point and very accurate. Other people state that The Big Diabetes Lie is a big scam. There are some medical experts that back Sidorov’s claim while others totally dismiss the book as untrue.

Keep in mind that The Big Diabetes Lie offers bonus material which provides other information for topics related to diabetes. It has a nutrition guide, information on antioxidants, a section about sleep and it informs people about MSG and the benefits of water.

The Big Diabetes Lie Review

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Final Words

Do not forget that The Big Diabetes Lie was originally released in 2013 as an ebook. Since that time, the book has become available in hard copy form. A consumer can purchase it with a soft or hard cover. The book costs about $37 in digital form and around $57 for a hard copy. It has over 400 pages, and it will take people some time to read over all of the material. Ultimately, Sidorov wants people to know that they will be completely free from diabetes if they precisely follow all of the steps that are outlined in each section.

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