The original purpose of the Mexican Revolution was simply to overthrow President Díaz's dictatorship. This rather straightforward political crusade in Mexico increased into economic and social mayhem that signified the essential character of Mexico’s experience. During this long fight, the Mexican people gained a sense of identity and purpose. Possibly unequaled to its fellow Latin American republics. A lot of new reforms had been recognized by 1940, this is when the aspirations of the revolution were institutionalized as rules for the future of Mexican policies.

The Great Depression caused Mexico a harsh drop in national income and demand. This would…

One of the main reasons for the Constitutionalist's win over Conventionists in Mexico during the revolution was the Constitutionalists wanted to put an end to Mexico’s fight with a constitution. Within the constitution, the advantages were clearly aimed toward the rich “hacienda” owners only.

Alvaro Obregon

The Constitutionalists were led by Venustiano Carranza who was part of the elite/ middle class of workers. He wanted to basically rewrite Mexico’s constitution in order to try and rebuild Mexico after the revolution wars. Carranza and General Obregón were brilliant in selling a revolutionary plan that included something for everyone, they were able to secure…

Francisco I. Madero was part of the elite class of people in Mexico. He also welcomed the backing of the middle class who did not deal with the same abuse that the poor workers were dealing with in the country. Madero’s family’s nobility gave him an instant standing amongst the elites. He was known for his management skills and his workers loved him. He was able to make a small fortune from it as well.

If Francisco was elected president it would mean there was a chance for the people to finally be rid of the influence of foreign businesses…

Jaywhon Herron

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