10 Beekeeping Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

Jay Williams
3 min readJul 10, 2020

One of the best things you can do to set yourself up for success as a beekeeper is get involved with the beekeeping community. Whether you’re already a seasoned “beek” or just interested in the inner workings of the hive, Instagram is a great place to get inspiration, seek beekeeping advice, learn from others’ trial and error, and trade stories with other people who know the joys and struggles. After all, beekeeping takes a village (or should we say, a hive)! Here are 10 beekeeping Instagram accounts you should be following.

1.@indigo_acres_apiary Roda has amazing photographic skills, a bright perspective on beekeeping/gardening and is an all around inspirational person.

2. @beedowntown is an Atlanta based company on the move. They always have informative, uplifting posts and challenge me to reconnect with local businesses and create more partnerships.

3. @ufhoneybeelab Not only teaches me a thing or two with every post, they have (in my opinion) the best, most educational bee centered podcast “Two Bees in a podcast” on the internet.

4. @girlnextdoorhoney Author and bee educator Hilary Kearney’s feed is a great mix of bright photography and educational content for beekeepers and bee lovers alike.

5. @hannahshoneycomb Learn about sustainable beekeeping from the perspective of a biologist turned beekeeper!

6. @hinterlandbees We love the mesmerizing honey videos and stunning hive removals.

7. @beeinformedpartnership If you’re looking to stay updated on best practices for managing your hives, check out Bee Informed Partnership for community and discussion.

8. @crown_bees Are you fascinated by all pollinators and want to expand your knowledge base? Consider learning about solitary bees like Mason bees and Leaf cutter bees. There is a growing trend of people looking to increase pollination in their backyards without the workload of raising honeybees. These people are the go to source on the internet for all things native bees (and they’re also really cool human beings).

9. @sweet_madison_honey always inspires me to go out and take more pictures of my bees and my yards and ask great questions.

10. @williamshoneytn We’re biased, of course, but we love connecting with our Instagram community, sharing lots of educational tips (including our popular Beekeeping from the Basement video tutorial series), and using our film background to get some incredible photos and videos of the stars of our Tennessee honey farm — the bees.

What are some of your favorite beekeeping accounts to follow? We’d love to check them out!



Jay Williams

CEO, Speaker, & Head Beekeeper at Williams Honey Farm