“Get Into My Body, But Don’t Tell No Body”

Official Video for Body by Jay Boogie

Jay Boogie spits harder than your favs and looks cuter than your boo. Slick styling and tantalizing tongues makes his work so mesmerizing. Boogie crafts quick lyric over imagery of subjugation and sensuality in his video for Body.

“I ain’t never had nobody show me all the things you can show and that special way you feel when you hold me.” — Like You (2009)

The slow-jam samples 2009 R&B ballad by Bow Wow, “Like You” featuring Ciara and opens with the iconic chorus spit in Boogie’s seductive cadence. His voice is as luxurious as his language. His vernacular works as much as the timbre in his voice. To match the layered pleasure of his sonic space, the visuals offer a complimentary and direct conversation on particular politics of (B)ody.

A consistent positioning Jay Boogie embodies is that of ButchQueen of ballroom lineage. The aesthetic is expansive and Boogies explores the vulnerabiltiy of the Black masculine body adorned in codes of femininty. His conversation with his whole body, while gaining various levels of exposure, never becomes too much. There is a needed acknowledgement from initial frame to ending shot, of the (Jay Boogie/ Black Boy/ Queer Black) Body

Watch the Official Video for Body by Jay Boogie below:

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