jayy tha knight.

“…and I hope the answers yes when I fix my mouth to say, do you wanna spend the night, with tha knight comma jayy” — from Super Dreamy

I’m not sure if it was growing up in LA, or always feeling like a spectacle but I’ve always needed jayy tha knight. I’ve danced since I was little and continued to add other performing arts along the way, yet offstage I was uncomfortable with the space I took up.

jayy tha knight
*black boy emoji*
le boogie goon
Brother Moon.

While his previous iterations have been long spectrums of body, physicality, thought and desire; the current manifestation is a sad black boy queer rapper.

It would be easy to claim jayy tha knight as simply an alter ego, but he is in constant conversation with myself (jay). The moniker modification is simply a context clue for the vocabulary I want to use.

jayy tha knight is a body. A Black body. A Full body. He’s an afrofuture scholar and ocean dweller. He is imagination and possibility. He is post-slavery subject. Hip Hop aspirer. He is Up and Coming.

[GOON] is coming.

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