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How I Live With Society Anxiety

By Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Something that I didn’t think had a name, something that I thought was just an ordinary life for a “shy” person.

Every single day was a drag, I didn’t get much sleep because I dreaded the next day.

It was pretty obvious that I nervous 99% of the time because of my facial expressions and body language.

My social anxiety started around 6th grade. I am now going to be in the 12th and I can say this, it’s gotten much better.

It’s like having a monkey on your back at all times. The monkey puts opinions and negative thoughts into your mind that aren’t really real. You always think people are judging you.

Most of it was an illusion just like most things are. Living this way isn’t fun at all.

Always on edge.

Not getting much sleep.

Hating who I looked at in the mirror each day.

Since I know what it is I can tell when I’m feeling anxiety, I know exactly where it stems from. I now know how to deal with it better instead of it taking over my mind.

If you suffer from social anxiety never think you are alone. You may not be just ”shy”.

Take it day by day

Hope you enjoyed ❤️