Anthony Davis Prime Is Being Wasted In New Orleans

Anthony Davis (SLAM)

Via: NBALead

The New Orleans Pelicans changed their name from the Hornets to the Pelicans in 2013, hoping to change the losing culture. The name switch was to help bring a championship bond with the fans. Well, the Pelicans starting the season 17–27 and seem like another year of not making the playoffs.

They have one star on the team, that’s a top 10 player in the league. Usually, when a team has a top player, they surround him with pieces that can help lead a playoff run.

The Pelicans struck gold by drafting Anthony Davis one of the best athletic big men in the game. He is a 4- time all-star, all-NBA first team (2015), and all defensive NBA second team (2015). He is a top 10 player in the league and deserves to be in the playoffs every year. Davis leads the Pelicans to one playoff year in 2015 but met with the NBA champions the Warriors in the first round and lost. Yet, the Pelicans still a team that’s outside looking in, for the 8th seed.

Anthony Davis is tearing the league apart. He is averaging his career best in Reb (12.0), AST (2.3), Pts (28.6) and PER 28.2. Anthony Davis is getting better and better each year, with those numbers, Davis will be in the MVP conversation.

Anthony Davis numbers are great, but his teammates not giving him as much help he needs. He doesn’t have that second-star power player on his team. The rest of the players on the Pelicans are third tier good players and role players. The problem is that this three-player dynamic on the Pelicans will not be able to get the job done.

The Pelicans front office haven’t done ‘ANYTHING’ to get star players, or great players to surround Davis to help him advance. Players like Jrue Holliday, Buddy Hield, and Terrance Jones will not help get the job done in the postseason. None of those players listed is averaging more than 15 PPG, nobody else on the roster averaging more than 15 PPG but Anthony Davis. The question now is what is the front office doing to help Davis and the future of the Pelicans.

Either the Pelicans need to make some fantastic trades and give Davis a good supporting cast, or Davis needs to demand a trade out of New Orleans to somewhere where he has a better chance of a title shot.

Right now the Pelicans are wasting Anthony Davis prime.