November Go Away But Don’t Take My Love

I expected everything in November
But I got nothing;
It was the worst month;
And the worst part
Of all of it
Was that I couldn’t have you
Yet I discovered
An interesting point of view

Poem By Jazalyn

I loved you in the summer
And a whole autumn passed
Without having you by my side
Yet there were developments
In our interaction
But I don’t know
Where they will lead;
It’s an uncertain game

But then
I thought about it again
And I noticed
That November
Brought the change
In my life
I couldn’t have
For a long time

In any way
I now believe
That this November
Will turn out to be
A turning point
And I hope
That its impact
Will eventually bring me you

So November, go away;
I suffered from your trials
But I am now able
To move on more wisely
As I found
A way to grow;
Now November, take everything with you
But don’t take my love