They’re ghosts

And what matters is

That I can love

But can they see it?

I’m afraid

I love someone

Who hates me

But it can’t be

Someone has to love me

To be where I am

But I haven’t seen anyone

From those I love

I’m afraid

I hate someone

Who loves me

But it can’t be

They’re ghosts

Because I idealize

Something that can’t be realized

In this mortal world

Yes I’m negative sometimes

Only inside my mind

Then I think

That I love you

That you might love me

And I become positive

Enough times

To dream of you

I’m sad other times

Doubting if you can love me

As I want

And as I can;

My biggest worry

Then I see

Your love

And I know it’s true:

No one has ever loved me

Like you do;

There’s hope

But the real test will show

Whether you can love me forever

Without judgement

Only with skill

To help me overcome anything;

This is my point of love


One more love

That can’t be fulfilled

In this world

Only in spirit’s bond

But it’s the most desired of all

The soul’s start

The heart’s end

In a spiritual feeling

There must be a destiny

And I’ll wait forever

Faithfully and longingly

For the salvation hug

For the redemption kiss

Even if it takes a hundred years

I don’t ask for more

Just one moment

To remember eternally

How it feels to love

And to be loved truly

Above the danger and risk

Sacrificing a whole life

For a divine bliss

We grow apart

But I sense we’ll meet one day

In soul’s start

When I’m ready for you

While you were always ready for me

In heart’s end

No one is really enough-

Not even favorites-

It’s all a trick-

So no wonder

They see worth in me

When you don’t see it-

Everything consists of dispersed masterpieces-

Every day that passes

I reach them more and more

So I can belong

I’m like everyone of you-

With great potential-

I know it not from selfishness

But from sacrifices-

I sacrifice even love

To progress

And evolve

So I am loving you without possession

Which gives me life and pursuit

In you I see

The only one who understands me

But it’s not only that

It’s spiritual


No one is like you~

This mentality you have

Favors everyone

And it’s admirable~

The ultimate example

I was drowning in pain~

I despised everything

Until you gave me wings

And I knew the rainbow~

I saw the light

I loved all

But I was hated

And consequently I hated momentarily~

I need love

To love

A love I sense in you~

A chemistry in you and me

I had never known

And I’m so grateful

That I love only you

Before your feel

I thought I’d fall

But you guide my destiny

And for you I live

For you I love

The times are peculiar-

Maybe you’re not in the mood for this

But I’m always in the mood

Of escaping from reality

And I find courage

In loving you

With my different love

You said you love the physical

But I know you’re more than that-

Deep down inside everyone loves it-

Even me-

But I haven’t lived it-

I can’t-

No one was enough for me

And now that I loved you

I can’t see past you

I want to wait forever

To live with you what I couldn’t

No matter the circumstance

Hoping you’ll be willing

To heal…

In the labyrinth of your words

I’m trying to spot

The truth of your emotions

And it’s easy to go crazy

But it’s no time for this

As I’m choosing logic

But I’m also choosing loving you

Three years I didn’t know you

While you were looking at me

And I could curse sleeping like hell

But never is too late

As long as I can’t live without loving you

Sensing you’re the one I’ll love more

And will love me more

You told me you love me

And the storm calmed down

But then these words disappeared

And I’m…

I love you more

With every word you say

And I can sense

That we have the same soul

No matter how dispersed

Our hearts have evolved

In your every wish

I feel your spirit so close

That I wonder what we could feel-

How our love could unfold

To an unforgettable thrill

If we shared the same space

A moment I long for

Without knowing if I belong

To a glowing world

While the darkness

Treasures the heartbeat

Of how our love could heal the sadness

What a time to be in love

With a distant soul

But your spirit was always here

When mine was lost

Now I see what I couldn’t

And I hope it’s not too late

I’m all words

And you’re all busy

And full of love

But your heart

Must be missing

Something I have

What a time to be in love with you

But time was never obstacle for me

And even if you’re the one

Who can’t see now

I’ll become your light

Even as shadow

I’m not afraid of the times-

I’m afraid of the pain

Of not loving you

So I’ll always be in love with you

And I’ll wait for fate

To bring us close

I love the waves of your lips

The symmetries of your eyes

The gazes

The smiles

I love the emotive

The embellishment

The poses

Of your hands

I love the way you get what you want

The way you provide justice

The way you welcome everyone

The way your spirit unfolds

I love the pureness of your soul

How you snob the evil

The benignity of your heart

The skillfulness of your mind

No one can deny anything to you

I’ve never seen such determination

What I lack and need

I love in you

Jazalyn 🎭🎵💔💧✍🏻🗣

Idealism, Utopia fiction emulating singing rhetoric, acting psychology to explore love-hate in poetic, theatric monologues. Write to evolve, inspire.

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