Sprints in Education: We’re Looking for Stories About Sprinting with Students

We’ve run sprints with all kinds of companies, and we think we have a good handle on what makes for a successful sprint in the business world. (Hey, we’re so confident that we wrote a whole book about it!)

In the lead-up to releasing the book, we’re talking to tons of people who want to run their own sprints. Some of the greatest enthusiasm comes from education, especially universities: professors who want to teach sprints, students who want to try sprints, and academic centers who want to offer sprint training as a resource.

All of these people have the same kinds of questions: How can I use sprints at school? How do we fit a five-day sprint into a typical class schedule? And where are you guys watching the game this weekend?

We know a little about sprints at school—we even included a few stories in the book. But we don’t know enough about how sprints can be a useful tool in education.

So we want to hear from you…

Have you run sprints with students?

Do you have tips for using sprints in classes?

How do you adapt sprints to fit into a class schedule? Or do you change your schedule to accommodate sprints?

If you had a magic wand, what kind of resource or information about sprints in education would you conjure up?

We’re anxious to hear about your experiences. If you’re willing to help us out, please write a response to this post. Or Tweet us. Or email us at sprintstories@thesprintbook.com.


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