A mixed-media exploration using Kinect and Clay.

About: This project, for now, lives as an outcome of a 4-week classroom workshop called Mixed Media Animation at Pearl Academy, New Delhi. With this reading, I intend to take you through my process of collecting & connecting dots.

Act #1: Defining the foundational dot.

A Google result for “animate meaning”.

Act #2: Discovering the mythological tale of animation.

This discovery helped me later when I was looking for a subject for my animation.

Pygmalion and Galatea, oil on canvas by Jean-Léon Gérôme, c. 1890; in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. 88.9 × 68.6 cm.

Act #3: Experimenting with Kinect v1 sensor for interactivity.

My friend interacting with the Kinect and Processing sketch.
Sketch reflecting a human silhouette as pink boxes (active) and black boxes (inactive).

Act #4: Ideating the mixed-media interaction.

A matrix containing dots as subjects, yellow as animate and grey as inanimate.

Act #5: Creating a subject for animation.

My friend Aditi working with wire and clay to create Astroid.
Light and camera setup to capture a stop-motion sequence of Astroid.

Act #6: Putting the subject in motion.

Gif of Astroid’s stop-motion sequence.

Act #7: Assembling the pieces together.

My friend interacting with Animata.
Close-up of Animata’s display screen.

We’ve reached the end, thank you. I hope you had a wonderful time reading this.