Matthew Dellavedova Stars in “Shoot Your Shot 2016”

Image via Kofie Y.

In life, as in basketball, sometimes you’ve just got to take your shot. Whether that barista you’ve been staring at for well over an hour has just picked up the phone to call the police and you’ve now got to say something before your life takes a dark turn, or you find yourself open at the 3-point to attempt the game winner, life finds a funny way of forcing your hand.

Matthew Dellavedova chose to shoot his shot against the Chicago Bulls last night, firing up a 3-pointer that would have completed a massive Cavs comeback, secured them the no. 1 spot in the Eastern Conference and knocked their rivals out of the playoff hunt. But, as things sometimes go, the ball never even scraped the net. It fell short, bounced out of bounds, and the Cavs went on to lose.

Delly took his shot, it just wasn’t the right one.