Conflict Theory

Of all the different ideas, inventions, and theories mentioned in the Introduction to Sociology unit, the one main theoretical perspective that I found the most impacting and that stood out most in my opinion, was the Conflict Theory, which has been going on for centuries. After analyzing and watching the module on what the conflict theory is, I have realized that this is the epitome of how the people in the world today are. Theorist Karl Marx came up with this theory and basically what it means is that society or an organization is in a state of perpetual conflict because they are all struggling to maximize their benefits causing various social changes. Although Karl Marx thought that the main conflict was conflict between the two main classes, the bourgeoisie(those who held the majority of the wealth and means), and the proletariat (those that were considered the working class or poor) there were also other conflict to consider.

There is constant conflict between social classes, capitalism versus socialism, and most individuals today that are wealthy and corporations that are corrupt will do whatever they have to do, to make sure benefits are maximized for themselves. Even if it involves oppressing those powerless and poor, continually putting them into more debt in various way that many of us do not even realize.

The Conflict theory not only distinguishes between wealth and poverty, but also radiates to wars and revolution, discrimination and domestic violence, as well as racial and ethnic conflicts. I believe that the main reason as to why most of us struggle so much in society is because we do not all come together to make our lives better as a whole. Every group struggles to maximize their own benefit, which should not be the case. We need to all (for the most part) work together as ONE group and not segregate according to classes. As this course goes on I hope to learn more on this theory and more on how much it really has impacted individuals and groups in the past millennium.