Societies and Social Interactions

Its incredible how much we as a society have grown over the many years. There is no doubt that each society that has occurred over time is unique in its own way, but if I could choose to live in a society other than the Postindustrial Society we live in today, I would consider living in the Industrial society. Living in the Industrial Society would be most intriguing to live in for myself because that was a moment in time where there were so many life changing inventions that were invented. Within a generation, tasks that had until this point required months of labor became achievable in a matter of days (APA).

There are so many things to be appreciative about with today’s society, but there things that are being taken granted for. Before the Industrial society, people really had to put in a lot of labor to be able to provide for their families. So it is great that some inventions so simple could change lives so greatly in the Industrial Society. Today the Post Industrial Society does not realize how grateful we should be for our technology. I believe in always becoming better as a society and not to be at a standstill, so I am grateful for the fact that we are getting farther with science each and everyday. It is unfortunate however that as time goes by past the Industrial Society that science is becoming ‘not as important’ and as a result funds are being cut. It seems like since there are very few inventions being created that could improve today's society, (even though we could if scientists received the funding they needed to perform the research needed) a majority of society does not find it important to do so.

Of all the different types of alienation presented in this chapter, I can relate most to alienation by one’s self. For years I have been working as a bagger at a grocery store working strictly for tips only. There are many reasons why I have alienated myself from this job, everyday I would strictly work because I had to and because I needed the money. I pretty much just looked at this job as a filler while looking for another job that would give me experience for my future career such as an internship. Instead of being able to take pride in an identity a person is simply a cog in the machine (APA). Which I can truly relate to when working there.

Statuses that I occupy include still being a bagger at a grocery store in the mean time, trying to being a successful full time college student, a pet owner, a good daughter to my parents, a sister to my brother, a friend, and a female. Being a female, a sister and a daughter are my ascribed statuses. My achieved statuses would be being a great friend to my friends, being a full time college student and being a pet owner, in which I take much pride in.