Why I decided to quit and not finding a new job.

I used to work for a company based in Argentina for almost 5 years. In the last year, I was relocated in Colombia. The job was very well-payed, and included a nice appartment and many business trips… Couldn´t ask for more, right?

However, one day out of nowhere, I was facing a tough choice: going back to Argentina and work in the head office of the company, or quitting. Guys… I had no clue what I wanted to do in my life, but I knew very well what i did NOT want to do. I was sure that going back to Argentina was not an option to be considered, so I bravely said goodbye to my boss.

Now, sometimes it´s very funny how people around you can be more freaked out than you! They were all asking me “hey, did you start looking for a job?”, or “what are your plans”?, “how are you going to live”, and so on... and of course, I was pretty freaked out too! So one afternoon, I found myself sitting in front of my laptop, getting to know the Colombian job search websites. And guess what? I had absolutely no idea where to start with, not even which kind of jobs I was going to look for.

That´s when I realized something was extremely wrong… Who was I trying to lie to? Why was I going to force myself into a new job that would have definitely consumed most of my time and energy? And btw, the standard salary here is very low. So for someone who didn´t even know what kind of job she was looking for, the scenario was definitely not encouraging…

Once I started questioning all these things, suddenly everything became more clear. Getting a job was one of the options, not the only option. I just had to explore what other opportunities where out there, waiting for me. So I decided to follow my guts and start working on my first business project. I can´t tell you more about it as I´m still in the process of building it up, but I´m pretty confident things will turn out great!

My message for all you guys out there is that we are young, free, with no further responsibilities than ourselves. Yes, I still don´t know what I want to do for the rest of my life, but I´m experimenting, which is the most important thing here, because you gotta take action to have results, and eventually you will figure out your own path.

What I´m trying to say, is that we are in the right moment of our lives to risk it. What´s the worst thing that can happen? Guys, risk it or regret. It´s as simple as that. Again, I most definitely do freak out, I do have my ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I´m certain that our 20s are for figuring out who we are and what we wanna do. So let´s not be afraid to take risks, fail, bounce around, travel, and try new things. Experience everything you can, so that you get to choose what you really want to do. Make sure all these experiences count, and never forget to enjoy the ride!