Rosey B Organic Oil: It’s Everything

Jazmine Duke
5 min readJan 25, 2020

Whenever I introduce someone to the best-selling Rosey B Organic Oil by my company, jD Bath Co, I can expect two immediate reactions. The first, a comment on how amazing the oil feels on the skin and smells, and the second a question: what do I do with it?

The first reaction is easy to respond to, as the creator and a daily user of the Rosey B Organic Oil I know how fabulous the experience is. The second question is tougher for me to respond to — because, what doesn’t this oil do? I usually stammer for a moment while I try to think of the most relevant use for the person I’m chatting with… It’s everything, where do I start?

A Face & Body Oil. The simplest way to describe the Rosey B Organic Oil is as an organic rose oil blend for face and body. This organic oil is packed with non-toxic goodness designed to benefit the skin wherever it is used whether that be on the face or body.

The Rosey B Story

Just like the Bomb AF Vagina Friendly Bath Bombs, I originally created this oil because I was looking for something to put on my sensitive skin. As someone with adult acne, eczema, and psoriasis I struggle to maintain clear skin. Rosey B Organic Oil is packed with skin clearing and healing oils to treat a variety of skin ailments. The powerful combination of rosehip, evening primrose, and geranium oil even skin tone, brighten skin, reduce acne and flare ups due to eczema, lupus and other skin ailments, increase skin elasticity and reduce the look of aging, and encourage the regeneration of new skin.

Rosey B Organic Oil & Bomb AF Vagina Friendly Bath Bomb Lux

Valentines 2019 I launched the rose oil as a massage oil sold as part of a set that included the Rosey B Organic Bath Bomb and Rosey B Organic Oil. Geranium oil, a key ingredient in both products has a divine scent — I loved the idea of a relaxing bath followed by a massage with this luxury oil. An additional perk of geranium oil is that studies show it balances hormones along with all of the skin benefits it provides.

Becoming a Best Seller

The Rosey B Organic Oil sold out and kept selling. My seasonal product quickly turned into a customer favorite and I created a permanent spot for it in the jD Bath Co line up.

Rosey B Organic Oil

As customers were discovering this rose oil, I was starting to realize how many uses this oil truly had. I went from using this oil only on my face to lavishing my entire body with it on the regular. I lock in moisture post-shower or bath with Rosey B. I take quite a few 15 minute baths throughout the week with Bomb AF Bath Bombs — 15 minutes is enough time for the ingredients to go to work without me having to add it as an item in my calendar. After my shower or bath, I rub my body down with Rosey B Oil and give myself a few minutes to soak it all in. Typically, I oil up right away and let the oil do it’s thing while I moisturize my face, comb my hair and listen to my horoscope (yes, I start my day with my horoscope. Don’t judge me).

Funny story, when I started using Rosey B Organic Oil all over my body I was going through a lot of product. I was a bit surprised at how fast the product was going since a little bit goes a long way. I find out that my roommate at the time (a guy) had become fond of the oil and was using it heavily. He was using it as a body moisturizer to beat ashiness and on his beard and head post-shave to reduce ingrown hairs. Thinking about it still cracks me up, I never thought of giving the rose oil to men. Bomb AF Beard Oil was actually created out of my realization that men love using oil.

Beyond Moisturized Skin

If you’re like me, at this point in the article you are saying: I get it, girl! The oil gets you moisturized — what else can it do?

The divine scent of Rosey B Oil makes it a great natural perfume. I can’t be the only one who gets a killer headache every time they wear perfume. You know what doesn’t give me a headache and gives me an attractive scent? Rosey B Organic Oil.

I rarely shave my skin. I have almost entirely converted to waxing with a set up in my house so I can take care with my sensitive skin. When I do shave, I shave with Rosey B Oil to protect my skin during the shave. Post-shave or post-wax I treat my skin with rose oil to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs.

For an extra glow, I add rose oil to my foundation. It gives skin a dewy, smooth look. Bonus, Rosey B Organic Oil can be used to take makeup off. The oil is often a gentler makeup removal experience for the skin.

Rosey B Oil makes a great add to foundation for extra glow

According the customer reviews Rosey B Organic Oil makes a great scalp oil treating dryness and soothing tender scalp after braids.

Soothing sun-kissed skin is a Rosey B specialty. Remember that oil and intense sunlight do not mix well, unless you want to deep fry your skin (you don’t). Be careful with your oil use before sun exposure. Definitely slather is on post sun bath.

Now, you didn’t hear this from me. But, I have had more than one or two customers tell me that they use the rose oil for lube. I certainly didn’t create it for that…

Tried Rosey B Organic Oil and have a use that isn’t listed here? Tell me about it!