Evaluation of credibility (post 3)

Credible or not?

The website/article I will be evaluating for credibility is “Discrimination Against Disabled People in the Workplace Still Common.” by Emma Satyamurti. This was posted on the Leigh Day website on November 3, 2014. Leigh Day is based off a law firm that has to do a lot with cases about discrimination and human rights.This article speaks on behalf of the discrimination disabled people face in the workplace. The article begins by talking about remarks made about paying those with disabilities less. The author talks about the statistics of adjustments in workplaces and how sometimes the job would only adjust a little but not all of it. The author is disabled herself and can relate to many of the details in the article. She uses a report made by Leigh y with statistics proving that there is discrimination against the disables in the workplace.

The author shows credibility for those wanting to know what is going on with discrimination against disabled in the work place. The use of statistics experiences demonstrates that the author is credible, as well as the website I found the article on.

In the article the author uses statistics to prove the point that people with disability at times don’t even feel comfortable to disclose their disability. “Nearly half of our disabled respondents said they would not feel comfortable disclosing their disability when applying for a job, with those suffering from mental illness being particularly wary”. (Satyamurti) Applying to a job is already difficult and having a disability can lower your chances of getting the job. This shows credibility because it is evidence that she got from a survey, from the report above, answered by persons with disabilities. Using this evidence can show discrimination that those with disabilities have faced or how they feel they will be treated.

The links the author used show credibility as well. The use of the report that the law firm and the author provided shows that there is more to where all the information came from. It shows that it wasn’t made up or just taken from one person. The use of different surveys proves that many opinions were heard. The author herself has a disability and that is important to the writing because she could have gone through the same or similar experiences. Having an aithor that is relating to the writing makes it ten times more trustworthy. All the links she added to her writing is credible and the inforation follows back to what she is trying to say.

As I was reading the article, it made a lot of sense to me. The way the author structured it made it clear to read and understand. Having good grammar and structure is important to a piece of writing in many different ways. It shows that you’re credible because you know what you’re talking about and doesn’t show lack of skill. It also allows your reader to stay interested in the writing and make him/her keep reading. The author didn’t lose me while I was reading because I was able to understand what she was trying to say.

Overall this article is credible because it has credible links, good grammar and statistics. These were all important because it showed that the writer was trustworthy.

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