As BET Weekend came closer , I considered who I wanted to interview . A rapper and producer by the name of Soncier flew from D.C. to California just to be a part of BET Weekend. I wanted to get more in depth about why he decided to fly out and what was the best part for him . My niche is entertainment/fashion for the BET Awards . Since it is one of the busiest events in the summer ,we were both able to squeeze in a lot of time to conduct this interview . In preparation for the fashion madness, there are several of emails to stylists, assistants, that all lead up to this point. Soncier gave quite an interesting response when I had asked him what he did to prepare for awards . He mentioned taking a clean shower , getting prepared recreationally and just getting the mind right . Songwriter and recording artist opened up with investing more into conversation and offering exchange of services when making connections at BET red carpet events . I must say that I ha e to agreed with that. It is very important to build good repore with people especially when handing business.I thought that was really great point because everything happens with focusing on what important at the right time . The BET Awards takes months of preparation and deadlines. There are so many business moguls that are here to share history with the world .There so many opportunities awaiting for people like me wanting to expand businesses and many more. Celebrities are looking for what’s trending and what looks are currently in season. Most of the time , celebrities often. like to surprise their fans on their appearances . Soncier has a really charismatic attractive character, which sets him apart from other artist . I wanted to get the scoop on what who he thought had an amazing fashion style .The best way to track the history of looks is to stayed tuned on Instagram & the blog sites such as the Jasminebrand , The Shaderoom and Baller Alert. One of the biggest celebrities that we are looking forward to seeing is Beyonce especially since she just had her twins . At the Grammy’s , Beyonce had a graceful and fierce performance in gold gown just months before giving birth. The next thrill is knowing that there are 3 other women that are nominated for the Best Female Rap Artists which are Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma and just added Cardi B. This is such a huge deal . Nicki Minaj has won every year since 2010. Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj were at odds while she was in prison and now that she has returned home. we are all waiting for an album. Cardi B has branded herself to another level from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta . She is working and empowering women in the best way she knows how . Cardi B shall be appearing with her rumored boo, Offset from Migos . There’s so much in store .

Cardi B had an event that was tailored towards talented dancers . Many people in the industry showed up to this event.

I had asked him about what he was looking forward to seeing , and his response was, “just looking forward to networking with a lot of people “ . Then he added, you never know who you can run into .

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