How an Epilator Solved My Hair Removal Problems?

Hey, everyone this is Amy and this will be my first story here on Medium since I love to blog about beauty and fashion tips. I thought my first post should give a bit of an introduction to the readers how I actually started blogging in the first place.

My Hairy Story

I was just an ordinary girl going to high school I played on the volleyball team and loved hanging out with friends. But I had a hairy problem and no one except a couple of my closest friends knew about it and when I mean hairy I seriously mean it! I used a razor to shave just like the majority of my friends but that’s were all the similarities ended. The problem was that while my friends had to only shave a couple of times a week I had to shave my legs every single day if I wanted to reveal my legs. I am not exaggerating this everyday figure either. The next morning, I would have little patches of hair growing here and there a no way was I going to let others see that so I would have to shave it off if I wanted to wear a skirt or shorts that day. This took up so much time and was such an annoying routine to go through and worry about in your head.

I told my close friends about this problem I had to share it with someone I was sure they would come up with some sort of a solution. They recommend I try waxing since you only have to wax a couple times a month. I tried waxing and I will say the results were quite amazing but the experience of waxing was anything but. My skin is extra sensitive so it could not handle the wax it wasn’t just the pain which was a lot but my skin turned red and was a bit flaky for the next couple of days. But after a couple of days when it did recover everything was good and the hair would grow back slowly so it wasn’t all bad. But I could not use wax regularly due to the sensitive skin and I had to be the lucky girl with super sensitive skin and hairy as a monkey.

The Epilator Solution!

I started to do more research on hair removal after this because my friends just knew about using a razor and waxing was foreign to them. I learned about amazing new hair removal methods that I was not aware of such as epilator’s, laser hair removal machines and more. For this post I’m focusing more towards epilators but in another post I will cover the other methods.

So I found out about an epilator at first I was very scared of using it but I had no other option really at the time and decided that I will at least get a funny story out of it. So I started using it and I will be straight up I didn’t use it all that properly at first and it very painful but not as waxing. Another big element that made that experience more painful was that I was using a very cheap and bad quality epilator. If you’re considering buying an epilator you should really do some research first. I would recommend you read some reviews of the best epilators in the market you can do so by clicking here

What I really love about using an epilator is that it somehow combines the pros of waxing and using a razor into one handy device. What I like about a razor is that it’s much faster to use and very convenient even when you’re traveling. And what makes waxing very effective is that it removes hair from the root of the hair so that’s why the hair grows back really slowly this is what the epilator does as well so it’s perfect for hairy women like me.

Hope you guys liked my first post and If you have any kind of requests of what I should cover in my next posts or and questions feel free to ask or PM me.

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