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They don’t have to do anything. There’s a judgement call to be made here. I believe that the Kik representative made the wrong one. I’m not an IP lawyer, but I think it’d be hard row to hoe to show that the name of an NPM library used for left-padding Javascript strings causes confusion amongst consumers when compared to a phone app of the same name.

While some courts have determined that a trademark owner need not necessarily prosecute every infringing third-party use of its mark, such third-party uses can still affect the distinctiveness of the mark in the mind of the public.
That matters, because Canonical’s actions reflect a much bigger problem: a pervasive and unfounded belief that if you don’t police every unauthorized use of a trademark you are in danger of losing it. We hope that some clarity on this point might help companies step back from wasteful and censorious trademark enforcement.
A trademark owner is not required to uncover all possible uses that might conflict, or immediately commence a lawsuit against every possible infringer.
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