Timothy Dowling

As someone who has studied Astrophysics and Molecular Biology and used Quantum Physics to do simulations of Biochemistry related to the brain I long ago realised that thinking on intelligence or consciousness centred on the brain alone is a big red herring. Granted there is a significant control locus in the brain but this is shared with a bodywide matrix of intelligences that are quantum entangled with the external environment as well as wider domains of space and time, not to mention other sources of consciousness located in other human beings and animals with clear evidence of sentience. My perspective after much research and personal experience exploring the consciousness of thousands of people is that Consciousness is not just centred on Neuron-type structures driven by Quantum Physics. The Immune system shows many traits of intelligence that respond to emotion as well as adaptation, inference capability and creativity. Other systems including the Endocrine system are intimately woven into the Immune system and the two parts of the nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems as well as the microbiome of gut bacteria. Intelligence needs to be redefined and in doing so consciousness will be redefined and in doing so people will stop thinking in computational and perceptual building blocks. I have a suspicion that Consciousness, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity are all linked in a higher unified state similar to how Electricity and Magnetism are unified in Electromagnetism. There is a complementarity where Electricity can generate Magnetism and Magnetism generate Electricity. When unified with Gravity Electromagnetism can generate Gravity or negate it as well as Gravity generate electromagnetic effects. Including Consciousness in this unification leads to the prospect that Consciousness, Electromagnetism and Gravity may well generate each other through a form of Quantum Relativity. This leads to profound possibility that energy, time and space as defined by Einstein are threads in the fabric of the universe which are also interwoven with a thread of consciousness. The consequence of this would be that a Mathematics for consciousness could not be developed by just combining Quantum Physics with General Relativity but having to include a framework for influences from kinds of matter or energy more akin to Dark Matter and Dark Energy which have Gravitational influence on ordinary matter yet remain undetectable with conventional scientific material instruments.

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