Disruptive Technology and Actions:
Aligned to the Flow of the Universe.

Disruption emerges from new perspectives and from dimensions not yet travelled to.

The natural flow of the universe is towards greater disorder or entropy.
Anything that helps with that, even if it is an ordered structure, is in effect cultivating the natural flow of the universe.

This explains why ordered matter in the form of a living system is allowed to emerge -because it serves the flow of ever increasing disorder in the universe by absorbing and spreading energy more than the universe could do alone. As soon as that balance deteriorates the universe no longer supports that order, then that ordered, living systems decays and eventually dies.

Applied to innovation and technology, it seems the universe’s behaviour naturally provokes and promotes disruptive technologies and behaviours. Its in our genes and in technology memes.

Becoming more ordered and organised so that you can eventually be more disruptive is a sure fire way to cultivate discovery that leads to creativity. Every artist, technically, is a disruptor. You want to change society or innovate technology? Start by employing an artists desire to take the energy of the universe and mix it up. A muse is someone who provides the function of organising that artists disordering energy so that they can even be more creative and disruptive. In effect the muse is the universe’s ambassador of entropy to the artist.

For some recent research supporting this principle check out Jeremy England, an MIT physicist who has a ground-breaking idea about why life exists.

In society the artist is the activist, anarchist or closet rebel. They shake up how we connect, relate, serve, learn, work, transform and evolve. They often push society’s sense of order to release energy for the universe. In doing so energy is prevented from being bottlenecked in systems that have become dogmatic, uncreative or restrictive of expanding life. Spreading the energy rather than hogging it ensures the masses are served rather than a restricted, privileged few. A principle that aligns with the most basic function of the universe, dissipate the energy.

According to wikipedia

A disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology.

Disruptive technology and actions happen by operating from different perspectives and from dimensions not previously travelled to while spreading energy on behalf of the universe.

Continue to dissipate energy effectively from the universe, through you, out to others. You may change the nature of order in society or evolve frameworks of technology beyond entrenched interests but at least the universe will let you live long and prosper.

So be disruptive, Its only natural.

Jazz Rasool

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