Energy gathers around Learning so why does Ignorance still thrive?

The relationship between Learning, Ignorance and Values

Energy gathers around learning and disperses around ignorance yet throughout history ignorance has been manufactured to undermine certain people, gathering momentum to levels of genocide. Here the learning was used to sustain and build ignorance. The ignorance was small but the learning and education of people, the indoctrination and dogma that sustained that ignorance, was huge. Ignorance multiplied because of the energy that gathered around the type of learning. The learning was the parent of the ignorance that was born and nurtured.

A race of beings that was compassionate would seek to dissolve ignorance in a kind way to nurture truth and freedom that empowered them. However a race that was competitive, controlling and sought advantage over others, regardless of harm, would seek to engineer ignorance, to normalise it, to market it and even make it law.

Mankind believed in the Earth being the centre of the Universe for thousands of years until the value of truth overwrote the vice of mankind’s pride. Dogma crumbled under the weight of Discernment.

The difference between learning that promotes ignorance and learning that dissolves it is down to the moral values that drive the learning.

Learning centred on compassion slowly brushes away ignorance like water dissolves a boulder into a pebble then sand. Values brought together form virtues such as temperance, prudence, courage, faith, hope, Love and patience as well as justice. The elemental values that marry into Virtues drive the learning that dissolves ignorance.

Learning centred on anything other than compassion simply builds barriers from bricks of ignorance cemented by vices and sins of wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony, When virtues are absent in learning then Ignorance is given enough authority to be considered authentic truth instead of being recognised as simply the illusion of authorised truth.

Virtues must never be conquered by Vices or any learning we engage in will only result in Controlling Ignorance and War instead of Compassionate Truth and Peace.

Jazz Rasool