Seeking nectar to serve my capability to fly.

Jazz Rasool
Oct 31, 2014 · 2 min read

When looking at upcoming events or conferences some of my friends ask why I am not speaking there on the subject of transformation or collaboration. I sometimes wonder whether I should be humble and wait for organisers to ‘discover’ what I do and appreciate its value in their own time rather than be what I perceive to be ‘invasive’ and ‘impose’ on their choices.

Lately, as my sense of altruism and compassion has become critically expressive, I have come to realise I have to generate and utilise all resources necessary to convey the message of what I have come to know and demonstrate as making the right difference towards serving compassion then its extension, altruism.

Money, time, energy, expression, reception and people are resources for altruistic practice. I cannot afford to be excessively humble and hold back in searching for, generating or asking for these inputs to the engine of change I work with. Not doing this is a disservice to my journey of personal transformation and called for emerging ‘cause’.

A calling has at least one key irritating factor and one fulfilling factor. The irritating factor is it calls you out of your comfort zone. The fulfilling factor is you are brought to a place you can respect yourself more through what you are called to do.

I have come to accept that I must get irritated, get uncomfortable, in order to be fulfilling my calling and come to respect myself. Anything less is complacency and disrespectful to what my character is drawn to do to be complete in its integrity.

I have to empower myself in requesting to speak up in the world for the sake of my calling as well as myself. How much longer do I want to focus on feeling I am an imposition rather recognising I can be an inspiration that prompts others to make the difference that makes an impact?

I have long stopped being a caterpillar so must no longer yearn to fatten myself on leaves but focus on seeking and generating the nectar that serves my capability to fly. I have to accept that I am a pollinator of ideas. I must serve that duty and ensure the flowers of this world become the fruits that feed it.

    Jazz Rasool

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    Helps people and organisations get out of their own way so they can find their way. Background in Science, Computing and Wisdom based Executive Coaching.

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