America, land of the greedy

I’m not big on putting some details about my life out there, and I do so hope I am not judged for what I am going to reveal today. With that being said, this is important enough to risk the judgement.

Here I sit, a patient to many Dr’s. A person who lives with constant intense pain, numbness, tingling, all the fun things that make it difficult for me to do the job I am trained to do. It is pretty difficult to cut someone’s hair when your hands and arms goes numb often and you drop the scissors. How much confidence would you have in that stylist?

I have many health issues, unfortunately and my Dr’s are trying to do testing for MS as they suspect that may be a cause for much of my problems. I do have degenerative disk disease and fusions in my neck. I get injections in my spine to try to ease some of the pain, I take medication daily that is not supposed to be suddenly stopped. Yet here I sit.

I have Medicaid. I get help from the government because I have not been able to work for a while now. I am currently on a plan called Illinicare. Search them up, on Facebook or twitter, see what people have to say. It’s scary.

They have recently stopped covering all of my Dr’s. When you ask them for specialist you can see they give you a list of Dr’s who are all 40+ miles away. Then you call those Dr’s and guess what, they don’t accept it. Why you ask? Because Illinicare does not pay them.

So let me get this straight, the state gives Illinicare money to cover Medicaid and Medicare patients, and then they do not pay Dr’s?

A recent ER visit resulted in them paying $98 toward the bill and me being billed nearly $3000. Of course I cannot pay that bill. I wonder, how much did the state pay them for that ER visit?

Is this not fraud?? It seems to me as if they are not using the funds paid to them by the state to actually cover medical costs. As far as I know, that is a fraudulent use of government funds. How do they get away with this? I’m curious to know what their CEO is paid. I would bet it is a large sum, all coming from government money that is being misused.

This is America, the land of the greedy.

The picture included is actually my medications, the ones I still have , the ones I do not take the full amount of in an effort to attempt to make it last longer. I am 34 years old, this is my life, it is not fun.

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