To the toxic woman in our home.

You enter our home through the child you have spent 11 years destroying. You walk through our door in the form of anger and entitlement. The child you have thrown pills at for too many years, the child that you decided years ago wasn’t good enough for a future of anything but pain and misery.

I sacrifice my own sanity in an attempt to help your son, in an attempt to give this kid a chance in this world. My own children sacrifice a peaceful home for the sake of your son. We bend over backwards in this house to try to repair some of the damage done, and yet every other weekend you work a little harder to destroy what has been built.

What gives you the right to destroy another human being? You were not given that right when you gave birth, the only right you have is the right to raise a productive member of society by teaching them how to be a good human being. You think you have the right to be selfish, but you don’t. You gave that right up the minute you pushed out your first child, you know, the other one you have torn apart.

In this house we teach responsibility, we teach consequences for your actions, we teach kindness for your fellow human being, we teach equality.

Then here you come, walking through my front door again, in the form of gifts for bad behavior, toys to shut him up, anything to distract him from wanting your time. You have brought your child almost to the point of no return, your own words, only to hand him over to be “fixed.”

You are the poison in our home, the toxin in this boy. You’ve poisoned him with drugs for all the ailments you think you suffer from. You push your diseased mind onto your own kids, insisting that they are just damaged and mentally ill. You throw pills in his face to force him to sleep, when you don’t want to deal with the problem you created.

He is not mentally ill, he does not need anti psychotic drugs, he needed a mother. A mother who cared enough to take care of him, to show up to his baseball games, to hug him when he had a bad day, to help him with his homework and intervene when he was not succeeding. He deserves a mother who cares enough to punish him when he does bad, who cares enough to create an environment of success rather than failure. A mother to nurture the goodness in his heart, the sensitive soul he has, the intelligence he displays. He didn’t get that. He doesn’t get that the four days a month you see his face.

At 11 he has a cavity for every year he has been alive, which you have not even tried to fix. At 11 he has no idea how to cope with consequences or take responsibility for his mistakes. At 11 he desperately tries to make you proud, to make you want to be involved, to make you want to pay attention. At 11, he gets nothing from you.

To you I say this, get out of my home! I will work tirelessly , I will lose sleep and learn more than anyone about childhood issues, I will research how to help him until I can no longer see the screen. I will take the hatred he gives when I punish him, his dad will take the anger, the hate, the tears and the attitude. We will take it all, to give this kid a shot at life. We will endlessly work to push you, the poison, the toxic voice, out of him.

This is our stand, this is our promise. Not to you, because you deserve nothing. Our promise to him. He deserves a mom and a dad who will fight for him, and we will. We will fight your toxic influence as long as it takes.

We want you out of our home and we will succeed!