BECAUSE CRAFT! & why semantic code is more then just best practice.

In my life I have had 2 great teachers who have shaped my perspective. One of them taught me the necessity of craft & content driven design. I may have been too young to apply all these lessons but I knew I had something invaluable.

Now that I am embarking on a new career I am faced with applying the same lessons to a new field. The medium may be different which is why the term of craft is not immediately applied. Yet I believe that writing clean semantic code is a fundamental exercise in craft.

Semantic code is about having a structure that will have the same meaning across all devices. You will notice that I said meaning, not style or appearance. Curious choice when discussing website design, an area often judged only by its style. I would like to believe that we have all actually read those beautiful sites on Dribbble or One Page Love. In essence web development is about communication. We should communicating to the best our abilities first……

Its does have other quantifiable benefits. HTML is more concise and easier to read when separated from its style. This becomes impactful when a team is working on a project together. One document with many contributors can fast become messy and difficult to understand. Using elements that reflect the content within and not the style.

To be continued……

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