Missiles in a Russian Enclave Are Thorns in NATO’s Backside
War Is Boring

Isn’t this a little overblown? Given its geographic isolation how long would an S300/S400 type SAM system survive?

Surely GPS Artillery Shells or ATACMS etc would amke short work of them within minutes of them radiating without ever needing to risk Manned platforms?

In fact the more deployed In Kaliningrad the better surely? Russia has a limited number of platforms…and any based there can’t be utilised elsewhere…

Ditto the deployment of the Iskander Missiles…other than “posturing” there doesn’t seem to be any doctrine to their deployment…with conventional warheads they’re merely a substitutes for Precision Air Strikes which Russia lacks capability in…and with Nuclear Warheads (not withstanding the gross treaty violations that represents) are subject to the same Political limitations that any Nuclear Weapon is…

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