Jade Barrett: Process Documentation

Corporate Identity, Fall 2017

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Project 1: We Stand Together
Project 2: Olympic Bid Logo
Project 3: Museum Bid Logo
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Restaurant Bid Logo


Museum Bid Logo


The museum bid logo I chose to redesign Museum of Death. I tried to think of some different things that involve death or similar.

Olympic Bid Logo


The city I chose for the logo is Seattle, WA. I tried incorporate the Olympic Sculpture Park, the Museum of Pop Culture, the Ferris Wheel, and the Seattle Needle. I tried to do some pieces more abstract and others you can easily see what they are from.

The feedback I received is to play around with the 2032 on the last page with the resting note. I did flip the resting note to look more like a 3. What people told me is it has a lot of meaning in one thing. It looks like the Olympic Torch and its incorporating the Museum of Pop Culture.

We Stand Together

The word I chose for We Stand is hope. Antonyms: disbelief, dislike, distrust, doubt, fear, hate, fact, reality, truth, despair, and pessimism. Synonyms: aspiration, desire, wish, expectation, ambition, aim, goal, plan, design, buoyancy, and reliance. Ibions: die with hope, live for life hope for real, spread the hope, fear for hope. Quotes: “I had high hopes”, “H.O.P.E Hold on, Pain Ends”, “Hope changes everything”, “Never loose hope”.

I chose the ribbon because it gives a lot of people hope whether it’s cancer or for our veterans. I chose fire and water because they are what some people are afraid of. However, in doing this I got stuck. These were the only ideas I could come up with. My teacher helped me and told me to work more with the soldiers idea. I spoke with my boyfriend who is an army veteran, and these are what we came up with.

He said about what all they used and what was around them. After I got some feedback, the Semper Spero is what was chosen with the army camouflage pattern. Anyone who knows anything about the military knows Semper is something the branches say. Semper Spero means Always Hope.


Day #1 of class. No idea what the project is on. I want to go back to bed. Too early to think.

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