can you please indicate what’s “staked utxo”, and would it be of any use, in my understand pos will…
eric wang

Staked UTXO Question from Eric

Hello Eric,

Thanks for the question. When talking about Qtum PoS, we can use the terms “staking” and “stake” very generally. However, the wallet algorithms use these terms precisely and report various amounts depending on the staking activities.

In this example “stake” is an unspent previous transaction (a UTXO) that is selected and committed by the wallet to stake for 500 blocks. This amount is removed from the wallet weight for 500 blocks and so cannot contribute to the wallet weight for winning additional block rewards during this time.

Let me give a simpler example. Suppose the wallet had 500 coins in two UTXOs of 200 and 300. If those coins were mature, the wallet would be staking with a weight of 500 coins. This 500 is a multiplier for the target, which gives the proportional weighting for winning block rewards.

If the wallet won a block reward, it would pick one of these UTXOs to stake for the next 500 blocks. Let’s say it picked the UTXO with 300 coins. Then 300 would be subtracted from the wallet weight, and the wallet would be staking with a weight of 200 coins for the next 500 blocks. At the end of 500 blocks, the stake of 300 would be returned and the wallet weight would go back to 500, plus the block reward which is paid out in those little increments of 0.4 QTUM.

Does this help?