Rapid Design Thinking: Children’s ATM


Why would a child need access to an ATM?

  • For parents to teach financial literacy to their children.
  • To allow children to withdraw funds in emergency situations when the parents are not present.
  • For leisure activities & entertainment
  • School related functions

What are the age groups?

This ATM will be designed for children ages 5–13.

What are some constraints in designing this ATM?

I will be designing this ATM based off of the constraints of a 5 year. I think a 5 year old would have the steepest learning curve in navigating this interface so I will use them as a baseline.

Possible constraints:

  • Reading level & reading comprehension
  • Height of child/height of ATM
  • A child forgetting his or her account pin number.
  • Identity theft



Design a child friendly, super easy to use ATM that will allow them to check their balance, withdraw & deposit cash.

How should it look?

Addressing those concerns:

  • Reading level & reading comprehension: When I design this interface I will replace “check balance” with “check money”, “withdraw” with “take money” & deposit with “save money.” By removing some potentially confusing words I think that could reduce some of the trouble a child might experience with the ATM.
  • Height: (the average height of a 5 yr old is 42.75 inches or roughly 3.5 ft). Total height of the ATM must be kept in mind throughout the design process.
  • Forgetting an account number: In order to remove the risk of that happening the only way to access the account will be either facial recognition or thumb print ID.
  • Easily understandable voice instructions & the use of simplistic words
  • Card insert
  • Cash withdraw
  • Cash deposit
  • A printer for printing transaction receipts


I did a quick sketch of the ATM. A lot of children use tablets and other touch screen devices so I decided to create a touch screen ATM. I thought the concept of a touch screen would be a pretty easy concept for a child to understand. I also included a sketch of how navigating through the site would flow.


I did a prototype of the touch screen ATM. I really wanted to keep everything clean and simple with large icons and primary colors. I thought this would be a look that wasn’t intimidating to a child and something they could adapt to and learn very easily.