I am not a writer, just want to air my grief.

Everyone in my age group seem to be getting their life together, majority are getting married, some have great jobs, drive amazing cars and have practically everything they actually wished for about 10 years before.

I on the other hand try saving up to get my shit together but seem not to even grow due to the frequent money issues arising in the family, got scammed last year and lost money i am still trying to build up, girlfriend acting weird and requesting for space, got a new job “yaaay” but still feel unsatisfied. sometimes i just feel like giving up and throwing all my efforts away but other times i think of those who look at me and think i am so organized in my life that they see me as a source of inspiration.

Inspiration they say … i remembered when a very big creative giant came to speak to a us while i was in a Brand Management and Communication School here in Nigeria after our final pitch (bagged 2nd position), in his statement he said “Creative people (writers, art directors, strategists …) don’t make as much as those in Finance and other work sector) but we shouldn’t stop creating.

To everyone who think it’s too late to even make a mark, i must tell you that it isn’t, always have that smile and hide away the pain you feel by helping others achieve.

I am an Art Director / Designer and i am from Nigeria.

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