Can SketchUp really do as much as Autodesk?

Autodesk is a company, and SketchUp is a product- it would be helpful to know which Autodesk products you have in mind for comparison.

That said, SketchUp Pro is widely used in all the markets about which you are wondering, particularly in the “AEC” industry (Architecture, Engineering and Construction).

Most folks who use SketchUp do so in the context of ‘design’, which is to say in the process of figuring out what they plan to build before they set off on building it. Autodesk’s AEC products (esp. Revit) are particularly useful in documenting that design once it has progressed to a constructible state.

This is not a hard and fast definition- Autodesk offers products for design as well, and there are SketchUp Pro customers who are doing construction documents entirely in our products. And of course now that we’re a part of the Trimble Buildings group, entirely new possibilities exist. But I think most folks who have used both tools would agree with my statements to some degree.

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