How I did a Juicy Soupy diet for 30 days?

My BMI is 24.9 which is the upper limit of the ‘Normal’ category - Normal weight = 18.5–24.9. One more decimal and I would enter ‘Overweight’ category. I have been telling my mind to be fit for the past 2–3 years, which made me to exercise at least 3 days a week without pushing myself. From various blogs and posts I read, this level of exercise would suffice for an average Joe like me. Next thing was diet. I realized that I had a big appetite. I eat ‘outside food’ often and eat when I really need not to and eat stuffs I really don’t need. Dieting is something I haven’t tried. I tried GM Diet an year ago, but I couldn't do for more than a week.

So with a goal to bring my BMI to 21.7 which is the mean of the Normal BMI category, started reading and browsing various stuffs. This is losing about 21 lbs. Two catchy things came to me. I watched Sandra Aamodt’s TED Talk- “Why dieting don’t usually work” where she tells how diet fails and suggests Mindful Eating as a best practice. I watched Joe Cross’s documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead where Joe diets on just juice successfully for 60 days and how he was able to keep it up even after the diet. These two are seemingly contradicting. Joe was able to keep up his physique even after diet probably because he had a medical condition which would have kept him motivated or probably not. Sandra would have dieted and regained due to lack of a specific objective or my be not.

Here is some psychology stuff, which I think is a force behind the “being fit” mindset. I am not an expert, its my personal opinion after reading various articles. There are 2 things Mind and Intellect(read thru the link to know more about these 2 terms). In this context, my intellect knows how much I should eat but I am really not able to do it practically because my mind is not listening to my intellect. I feel that there is block in my mind that prevents it from listening to things that intellect says. So, if I some how make my mind listen to what my intellect says, this is what I call “Mindful Eating”. But to get to that point I have to tie my mind to a goal i.e, attaining a right BMI. The way I am gonna achieve is thru a diet.

Now, my goal is not only to lose weight but is to form “ideas” and “rules” that might help me and fellow dieters for whatever reason they may diet, to keep them motivated to whatever period they decide to diet and ways to keep them motivated even after diet period. I was on a 10 day partial juice diet (breakfast and dinner). I was on a 10 day partial mindful eating which Sandra suggested in her talk, just to check if my body would permit and now I am planning to diet for a month with my own version that is — majority of Juice and Soup.

This blog would be on how I dieted and the rules/guidelines I made out of it. I would not be very strict in dieting. I will try as much as possible to stick to it☺.

After this diet, I am planning to be on a diet, where I will eat everything, but sensibly — less quantity.

Rules/Tips for a diet from my 30 day diet experience:

  1. Never start to diet immediately. Know about your medical condition. Consult your doctor if you have to. Diet for a short period first. I dieted for breakfast and dinner for 10 days as a sample one to make sure I don’t see any side effects. If you have medical problems, especially if you are diabetic or having high/low blood pressure, consult your doctor before starting any diet. This step should be the first step when you think of any long term diet.
  2. In the first few days of your diet (in my case the first week), have some nuts to let you adjust to the less food intake. You can also think about healthy snack like Kale Chips to satisfy your eating desire. What ever you choose make it as healthy as possible. Here is a nice read— 31 Healthy Snacks. Be innovative and create some healthy snacks. You can check online the nutrition fact of almost any thing you cook even if its not on the label. I use an app called “SparkPeople”.
  3. When you are in diet, you are special. You are unique. Let everyone around you know that you are on diet. This might make bring a commitment as you would not like to let people think that you are not special. Of course some people may make fun, but thats ok. You are doing something which you know is good. Focus only on the results and move forward.
  4. Read more articles about health and wellness. Talk to your friends about it. Get to know other people’s view. See diet related movies. This will help you to keep yourself motivated.
  5. Exercise is a must, even if you are on diet. If you are exercising with weights, consider having a good source of protein. I chose WHEY protein powder as I do more weights. If you are not used to exercising, try to keep yourself as active as possible. Take frequent walks between your work. Use a activity tracker like FitBit to keep you motivated.
  6. Drink a looooootttt of water. Have something handy like coconut water which is good for diet which you can supplement any time in the day.
  7. Sleep soon after dinner, else you might feel hungry and urge to eat will increase and at night when you are at half sleep, it will be difficult to control yourself. If you are habitual to waking at night if you feel hungry, have coconut water or juice or just water to pacify your hunger.
  8. Reduce the size of the cups, bowls and plates. This will help you to take less and there by less intake. I have elaborated this point below after week 3 diet, coz that is when I realized this rule.
  9. Towards the end of the diet start taking a little bit of regular solid foods. I assume that this will gradually increase your weight and help you to maintain it after the diet period. I have done this in my last week and saw a bit of weight increase. I don’t know yet if it will help to maintain my weight. I will post in my next blog about how it goes.

How I Dieted:

Week 1:

First day was very exciting. Felt like I am gonna find something that no one has ever found. Very motivated. No doubt that I will continue for 30 days.

Well, there is an issue my diet. I go to Buffalo wild wings (BWW) every Tuesdays. I have made it as a habit as I like it very much. So my diet is off on every Tuesday evening. I will try to cope it up as much as possible in the rest of the week. In a way, I reward myself for sticking to the diet on every other meal in the week ☺

Day 3 was very hard to go. I felt tired and temped to eat something. But I brought in the motivation by reading about fitness and health and some how kept the diet up.

Green Juice Recipe — Carrots 2 Nos, Celery 2 Nos, Bitter gourd 1 Nos, Cucumber 1 Nos, Spinach 1 Handful, Green Apple 1 Nos (or Green Peach), One big orange(skin peeled), Ginger small piece, Cilantro 2 pieces and a few drops of Lime. Process all the ingredients in a Juicer. It will produce 24 to 32 Oz of Green Juice. (Bitter Guard will really add bitterness to it. This can be replaced by a handful of Kale)

Kale Chips Recipe.

Irish Stew Recipe.

At and of week one, I felt that I’m getting used to this way of eating. I didn’t feel like eating regular solid foods like rice and meat. I had sort of instructed my mind to not expect anything more. I read that Nuts are good for diet as they will fill up the stomach but they contain fats. So I thought of finding a good snack that will keep my away from nuts and found Kale Chips.

Week 2:

When I say diet skip, I mean I eat the something same what I used to eat before I started the diet. But now, I feel that the quantity is too much for me. I get a filly feeling after eating half of the quantity that I used to eat before. May be if I extend this feeling of getting filly with less food, I will come to a point where I eat everything but less quantity and maintain the physique(of course along with regular physical exercise).

Horse Gram Soup: Boil Horse gram in a pressure cooker for 30 to 45 mins. Blend the Boiled horse gram in a blender and make a thick paste. In a frying pan, add little bit of oil, onions, pepper, salt and any spice that you may wish to add flavor to it. Add the blended horse gram paste and allow it to cook till the whole mixture boils. You may add water to make it to a soupy consistency.

Week 3:

Salmon Chowder recipe.

At this point, I have discovered another rule. We generally take more quantity of food. We don’t realize how much we “need”. We take how much ever we “like” and our body gets used it gradually. Now, since my body is used to taking small quantity of food for the past 2–3 weeks, I am getting response back from my body. I can now feel when “My stomach is full”. So, what I did is, I first wasted the food whatever I had in my plate/bowl/cup when I got that “full” feeling. Then I started taking the real quantity that I actually need. In this exercise, at one point, I realized I need to re-size my plates/bowls/cups in order to help my mind to come out of the “like” to “need” feeling.

Week 4:

After 4 weeks I felt really in to it. I am getting used to diet. I feel I can go for a Juice only diet for a month. My urge to eat has reduced. I see no side effects at all. I got to know how people appreciate or humiliate. I feel the change within my mind. I think I have taught my my mind to listen to what my intellect says. But its too early to decide. Let me see how am doing after stopping the diet. Coz, when I diet, I had a goal in my mind. With that goal it was easy to lock down my mind. After stopping the diet I cant follow a goal like BMI. I guess the only goal will be how to control the intake.

Week 5(2 days left):

So at the end of 30 days, my BMI is 22.5, which is 0.8 points less than my goal. But I am happy. I will see how I maintain it in the next month. According to me, staying healthy is important and its entirely under our control. Its about the decisions we make. Everyone makes bad decisions and its okay to make them. All we have to do it is equate it by making good decisions. Most important part is to stick to that good decision after maing it. This is where we fail. All I would like to share is how I was able to stick with the good decision that I made.

Stay Healthy. Stay happy.

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