What I learned while trying to lose weight

This is my first post on Medium. I’m obsessed with health and I would like to share my perspective on health. Let me share a few things I learnt with after gaining 20 pounds and the antics I did to lose them.

A little bit of back story on how this happened. I got obsessed with Italian food, loved making those Pastas with White Sauce and those thick and creamy salads and not to mention the rich soups. So obviously I was consuming more fat in the form of Cheese, Mayonnaise, Butter and milk and combine that with negligence of exercising. A perfect recipe to gain 20 pounds under less than 3 months. Anyhow, that’s how it happened. And I have been on a weight loss regime for the last few months and things have improved.

Here are the things I have learnt on the process.

1) It is very very hard to lose weight once you gain them.

Think about it this way. Weight loss is a simple equation. You burn more calories than you consume, your fat gets burned and hence you lose weight. But the struggle is, you need a certain amount of calories to do you daily work. You can’t reduce them. The best thing you can probably do is reduce taking more fatty and junk items but even after doing all that you still need X no of calories a day.

So if you are continuing your regular sedate lifestyle (which most of us have with the proliferation of computers and desk jobs) you won’t burn even those calories you are consuming.

Say you consume 1200 calories and doing regular activity you only burn 500 calories, what happens to the rest of them? And worse how are you going to burn the calories you have on stock if you can’t even burn the ones you consumed today? Get the picture?

It takes 1 KM of running to burn 105 calories. Which means that you will have to run 7 KMs just to burn today’s calories. Which makes it super hard to reduce the ones you already have.

Which brings us to the second thing

2) Consume more protein.

However, you can cheat a little bit from consuming less food if you consume more proteins.

Consuming more protein will give you enough energy for the day but they are also very low on calories. So you don’t feel so hungry but you have also not taken all those extra calories. Like they say, “Money saved is money earned”, similarly “calorie not consumed is calorie burnt”. How cool is that?

Sprouts and peanuts have the highest protein per gram. So make sure you consume them a lot. Whey protein powder is another option if you are not feeling so good about consuming proteins. Whey protein for weight loss has been a proven method to consume less food and calories per day.

You can try one of these delicious protein shakes for breakfast if you want to eat something healthy in the morning.

There are lot of ones with lot of Chemicals in them. EnergyFirst is something I have used and love the taste and the materials they put into it. Try it if you can’t take your sprouts and peanuts.

3) Exercise, Exercise and Exercise.

There is no substitute to exercising. Move your ass and workout, do something. Those calories and fat aren’t going to burn just by themselves magically while you are working on your PC(or wasting time on the internet). Get out, do something. A good rule of thumb is to spend at least 30–45 minutes in exercising. Start small, do it consistently. It is the only thing that will help reduce those fat. All other things assist this but by no means are the only way to reduce weight.

That’s it. What have you learnt while losing weight or what are you struggling with? Let me know.


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