The basic problem is that attempting to mitigate this results in immediate financial costs, without…
The World Complex

Actually about half of all the fossil fuel burned by humans since the dawn of time has been burned in the last 20 years (glibalization*7 billion people).

The fact is there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, we live in a world that cannot even agree not to risk the annihilation of the entire planet in under an hour intentionally through nuclear warheads aimed at each other. As if within that paradigm we can all agree to keep the earth from warming 2 degrees in a hundred years. It would be a bad joke if it wasn’t so expensive.

Fortunately it’s not likely to have any material significance. Increase co2 is net beneficial for ecology, we’ve seen about a 12% “greening” of the planet as a result. We also continue to see record food production in both hemispheres as winning weather and good growing conditions are increasingly commonplace. The American Midwest has had historically few droughts in the last 20 years, the world’s bread basket. Never mentioned in these isolated little pockets of doom stories is the billions of acres of the word that are doing fine, exceptionally fine. No, don’t look at that, we have a horrible headline here and a house underwater and a magic odds machine saying it’s all just awful! Quick hand over your wallet before it’s too late!


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