Engineering is an art

Like I described in my previous blog, part of what drew me towards mechanical engineering is my love for boats and engines. I was recently reading an article about autonomous boats built for Amsterdam’s canal’s.

These boats are able to navigate Amsterdam’s canal system to transport goods and people to reduce traffic on the roadways. Because these boats use the same kind of sensors that autonomous cars use, they are able to track human pollution in the canals while also testing the air and water quality. This data can be used to influence climate change legislation in Amsterdam and possibly influence other countries.

This article fascinated me because of the multi-functionality of the boat. That is my favorite part of mechanical engineering and engineering overall for that matter. The engineers at MIT who created these boats did not just create a boat to reduce traffic or a boat that measures the water and air quality. The technology they created performs multiple functions that are changing a town. That is why I look at engineering as an art. Engineers bring an idea to life in the most concise way they know how and I think that’s beautiful.


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