From my mind to yours

A letter to my brother and sister.

Right now you might not be able to grasp much of what I’m going to tell you and maybe you won’t even read this, though I hope you do. You see a lot of things are changing in the world right now and by the time you are my age, I pray that even more has evolved and we as a united society have made more cracks in this glass ceiling and broken down barriers that blind us from our potential. So before that happens I just want to give you a couple of words of advice that I hope you take to heart. I have felt a lot and been through some tough situations that I don’t want you to have to go through so here are 15 pieces of advice from me to you:

  1. Don’t ever feel that you have to be someone you’re not in order to gain the acceptance and love of someone else. The right person will cherish every inch of your body and all the depths of your soul.
  2. Do what you love even if you are afraid of the outcome. The only thing you’ll regret more than an embarrassing memory is not doing what you love to do because of other people’s opinions.
  3. Do not hate the world for what it is not, love it for what it is and try with all your might to discover the lovely aspects in the simplest details of this life.
  4. Create yourself in the light you wish to be seen no matter what it may be. Remember, change is good so don’t shy away from it because sometimes it may just be your best friend.
  5. Never stop laughing. Never let the happiness that is in your heart die because I swear that it is the cure to anything.
  6. Continue to search for the good in people and every situation despite what people may say. It is never a bad thing to look to the brighter side and hope for a better ending.
  7. Time is something you can’t get back. Use it wisely.
  8. Time also heals everything so don’t worry if you are not okay right away, I promise that the storm will pass and you will prevail.
  9. Expand your mind and express yourself. Learn a new language, take a trip to another country and allow yourself to take in the infinite, unique and beautiful aspects of this world. Different is good and you will find so much to appreciate once you truly believe that.
  10. Don’t be afraid to accept and give love, but you have to remember to be cautious with your heart. You are a full, complete and beautiful human being before anyone will come into your life and you will continue to stay that way after they are gone. So don’t be afraid to fall in love, but don’t let someone strip you of your soul.
  11. Take time to be by yourself. Don’t see this as a contradiction to #10 because while you should look for love, you also need to look for yourself and find the person you want to be before you find the person you want to be with.
  12. Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself over small “failures” and don’t label yourself as such. You are not the mistakes you made, but the obstacles you overcame and the victories you had along the way.
  13. Always believe that there is hope in the worst situations. Nothing lasts forever, so even in your darkest times there will always be a ray of hope.
  14. Everything happens for a reason. If you live by this, life will seem much simpler and the world, less tragic.
  15. Love yourself. Love yourself like you have never loved anyone or anything before. Treat yourself with love and compassion and remind yourself that you are kind, smart, complete and untouchable. You are worth it, you will always be worth it.

Not everything in this list will come easy, some things will take some time and you will need to search hard to find the beauty in your existence. Trust me when I say it is a long journey, but it is a beautiful one. Continue to explore and learn and create and love because that is all you will ever need in life, everything else is just black and white. So paint your life with vibrant colors and never be afraid to go outside the lines because it is when you break those boundaries that you find the true meaning of what it means to be alive. Your souls will hold stories, so many incredible stories, and I know they will be breathtaking. So take the leap and never look back. Take as many opportunities that are set in front of you and love what you see because you have every chance and resource you will need in the world to create an extraordinary life. You will be amazing.

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