It’s amazing what small breathes and gentle touches can stir in a heart and in a mind. How one person’s perspective on life can make you wonder why you ever thought differently, how you could never have seen the world through the eyes of them. How one heart could hold so much pain yet yearn for an infinite amount of love only to receive nothing and still give everything in return. And you’ll never really grasp how that’s even possible because the expansion of a soul and the unrelenting passion of the heart is truly an indescribable force. And how one word can make you rethink everything you once thought about despair and tragedy and hopelessness because it is in that word, “hopelessness”, that we sometimes fail to recognize what it relies directly upon: hope. We have looked past the concept of “light in the darkness” despite the glorious and countless number of ways in which it reigns true; so many beautiful aspects of life have come to be because of the ugliest. And how one night makes you realize that tears are meant to be shed and hearts are made to be broken and sometimes you meet people just when the universe knows you need a soul like theirs the most because through the pain of heart ache and the struggle of drowning in your own tears, you begin to water the plants that had once faltered; bring to life the garden that you hold inside.

{at least that’s what she told me}

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