Dance is a journey. While storytelling mostly follows the Aristotlean 3-Act structure captured in John Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, dance is about the performer’s journey. The performer, starting from a stationery pose, tells their own story through the movement of their limbs, arms, head, torso — the whole body is the medium, building a crescendo of emotions until the story ends, and the performer is at rest once again — just like a blues improvisation that departs from the safety of tranquility into a flurry of emotional tunes only to return to restful closure.

Dance is a journey

However, dance is also an interpretation…

… but they can be

It is common for gamers (by which I refer to game players who regularly dedicate more than 2 hours to playing games) to be so enthralled with the virtual world they inhabit that they want to extend it with their own ideas, or possibly build their own. Especially when the game session has not yet provided closure — there are loose ends which players feel they need to tie up, in their own way. …

Jonathan Barbara

Creative Computing and Games Design lecturer at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education

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