Dear JavaScript,
Jamie Kyle

Thank you for sharing, James. It’s easy for people to be angry and rant it out to the world without any thought of what they are actually doing by their angry bursts. It’s sort of like working in a deli in a grocery store around any holiday — people come in already stressed out for any number of reasons and the moment something cut for them isn’t “perfect” (and even if it is), the customer is already presenting their anger to the poor fellow that is trying to help them. One thing I learned at an extremely early age is that if you do not like something, vocalize it yes, but state the why and some sort of “what about…” solution or possible suggestion. Same goes for why I “like” something as well. Constructive criticism is invaluable towards creating something that satisfies it’s purpose. When ever I hear someone say they don’t like (or approve of) something I have done with no why, I dismiss the commentary almost immediately (because I, as I assume you do to based on this article, give them the respect of at least listening to them) and move on. Not always an easy thing to do for sure, but it does help aiding in saving sanity and not burning out. Thanks again for sharing, I enjoyed reading this!

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