Top Ten Real Estate Agents in Encinitas

All data supplied by CARETS or their MLS. Originally published in a graph which displayed stats for all 1,091 brokers by Trendgraphix, Inc.

In February, the top producers of real estate in the Encinitas area were revealed in a market share report covering the last fifteen months. Linda Moore, real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage’s Encinitas office, holds a substantial lead over the other agents with thirty units sold over the last fifteen months. Her numbers and stats, month after month, continue to be unbeatable by the other agents working in her ZIP code. Her total sales reached a staggering $28,580,000 because of her unheard-of ability to obtain 98.6% of the original listing price in the final sale. Her units only spend an average of nine days on the market, while the agent right behind her in sales’ units spend an average of forty-eight days on the market. According to these numbers, one could argue that Linda Moore is the best realtor in Encinitas.