The Orb of Hope

T he only movement came from the ship rocking us back and forth. All I could hear were my brothers and sisters crying and the thoughts in my head of how I wished the ghost men would die. If they don’t die, then I wish I would. If only I had the strength to save everyone, to save my people. I wish the ship would sink so we could all go down together, but I can’t bare to see everyone else die. I was a warrior, if not the best warrior in my village. My name is Masamba Kefilwe, but the ghost men thought that was too complicated to say so they called me Willy Adrien, I believe it’s an English or French name. I also know the ship’s name. They called her the Royal Harmony. They called the captain Captain Jackdaw, call him that because it was the name of a previous ship, so I’m guessing he was good at navigating that ship, but I don’t know if it’s true I just heard the ghost men talking about it.

“Willy open up we have your food” claimed one of the ghost men.

I refused to take their horrible food because I would rather die than continue living in this hell. Unfortunately, this only angered the ghost men as if I were poking a bear with a stick and I would suffer the consequences for it. They forced me on my feet, brought me up to the main deck tied me down and started flogging me. The entire crew laughed at me as I was being punished for not taking my meal. They continued to laugh as I cry out with pain and agony. When they stopped they threw me back onto my mattress of urine, feces, and blood. If only someone could help us, but that window of hope has closed.

“Are you Masamba Kefilwe?” asked a strange figure approaching me. 
“Yes I am, who are you?” I replied nervously as I notice I couldn’t see his face because of how he was in a hood and cape. 
“I am your savior and the one who will get you and everyone out of here.” the hooded man replied as if he was nervous himself. 
“How?” I questioned because I know that is impossible. 
“I can help you with this” the hooded man said while taking something out of his pouch. 
“What is that” I say as the hooded man showed me what looks like to be a purple looking stone. 
“Its called the infinity stone with this you will have superhuman strength, infinite stamina, and immortality” explained the hooded man as he was showing it to me. “Make sure you always have physical contact with it or you will not have any of it’s effects” explained the hooded man as he was making a necklace with it then handing it back to me.

“Today my fellow brothers and sisters will see freedom again and the ghost men will witness the wrath I have stored for them” I roared as I broke free from my chains.

I broke the chains from the others and on the count of three everyone would charge. We will get our freedom through force even or we die trying. Everyone is sacrificing one another today for freedom. What happens next will change everyone’s life. I gather everyone and then we charge up with sharp pieces of wood that we could rip of from the ship and we charge up. We were all blinded from the sunlight that shined upon us but we didn’t let that stop us we charged and stabbed the closest ghost men that were near us and I notice what that hooded man said about the orb it gave me immortality I still wondered what type of magic this is. The ghost men start showering us with bullets. However that had no effect, then suddenly a blade cuts through me in the mid section. It was the captain and he stabbed me with his sword, I grabbed the sword and pulled it threw my mid section and I can feel my insides getting scraped, but I manage and reverse the blade and stabbe myself and the captain it wasn’t pleasant but I can handle anything because I killed the captain with his own blade. The crew realized that there captain was dead so they gave up and surrendered.

“This is how it will go down you either die from us or die from your own foolish actions if you resist you die” I barked as I struck fear in the ghost men’s eyes.

As I walked over the ship I realized the hooded man was not there where did he go? I looked down at the orb and realized that this could have been dark magic and could have been bad and controlling but on the other hand I could become a God with this. No there is too much power with this, but what if someone evil gets there hands on it I can save it. I can’t if my brothers and sisters knew I wielded this power they would go crazy and desire that I have this orb yet it seems right that I have this orb considering that I am a warrior. I will keep this for our voyage back to African incase if the ghost men start a rebel and try to fight and reclaim their ship. 
Once we are back in Africa I will ask our elders and chief what I should do with the orb then again they could keep it for themselves. For now this infinite power is mine and I will protect it. When we reach land I will dispose this orb that turns one into a God.