James Harden Deserves Some Respect

Over the past two years, James Harden has accomplished statistical feats that will still be talked about 40 years from now. So why aren’t they being talked about… now?

  • James Harden in the Semifinals vs. a fully-healthy Warriors team with the worry of Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant guarding him (or scoring on him on the other end): 35–7–6 with 2.2 steals and 0.5 blocks on a 44–35–82 shooting split.
  1. Constant time of possession
  2. Defensive reputation
James Harden tops off his 44 point, 15 assist, 10 rebound game in Oracle with a game winner to send the Warriors home with a loss.

“I’ve got something to say. Everyone talks on James’ defense, but he can play D. I don’t think y’all understand how strong that dude is. He’s a strong guy. A lot of people listen to analytics and stuff, it makes no sense. Analytically? You can’t always look at numbers, man.

When a player who plays against Harden twice a year has that to say about him, it probably holds a bit of weight. Believe it or not, Simmons probably knows a bit more about James Harden’s defensive ability than we do.

Excited fan of the Chicago Bulls. Basketball fanatic. Student at University of Iowa.

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