What’s Behind The Man Behind The Curtain
Caitlin Johnstone

I like your writing, just want to correct one topic lots of folk get wrong, and repeating it as fact makes correcting it all but impossible — it’s the wrongful depiction of gay frogs. I know the research Alex Jones was citing, and the results were that exposing frogs to a genetically altered diet rendered the frogs unable to reproduce (infertile/asexual) after several generations — I think it was five. The intent was NOT to make frogs gay. Rather, such results by GMO researchers reinforces the population-control agenda spoken about in recent decades by world leaders, which is that they want to reduce the world’s population by (some say) 80 %. A feminized or impotent population would certainly help bring that about. Thus Alex Jones’ ranting about GMOs causing frogs to become impotent alludes to the very real possibility of similar results in humans. People like Jones would say that is no accident.

‘Gay frogs’ may be a joke, but an impotent/infertile population is not. Just sayin’.

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