Platform currencies may soon be obsolete
Aleksandr Bulkin

Over-reliance on cryptoexchanges and fragmentation of the cryptoverse come with costs too.

Applications housed on their own blockchain instances, while makes it sound like it would help, may not necessarily lead to less inter-application contagion — especially if the blockchain instances are linked by data sharing and cryptoexchange volume of inter-reliance. Then there are the psychological disadvantages (below).

In fact, you could imagine that the fragmentation leads to less security.

While, yes, platforms are open-source, irrelevant, and easily cloned — there still may be a network effect in play for the psychology of it all. This is actually important.

The psychology of the blockchain is beneficial because it leads to loyalty, efforts spent on system maintenance and upkeep, governance and civic responsibility.

Yes — you could clone the Constitution too — but for some reason nation-building democracies around the world doesn’t work. Yes — you could clone Christianity — but also for some reason nation-building religions doesn’t work. There’s one Constitution, there’s one line of monotheistic religions (a few “forks” you could say :)

There is a fundamental human desire to be social and to grow closer to one another. While we can all live independently, and it will decrease our inter-personal contagion risk, the benefits to inter-action are greater than a more extreme form of independence.

We shouldn’t let the blockchain motto of “decentralization” go too far in the direction of its own momentum.

Lastly, you don’t need more than one major platform (but I believe there will be multiple platforms, just 1 major one). Seems to me the Rchain graph is the only one we need because it can handle unlimited Namespaces (as I understand) in parallel, and implements concurrency with the best math and technology from the ground up. (I’m not a techie but this is what I gather.)

You could clone Rchain like you could clone the Constitution, but I still don’t think the benefits of cloning outweigh the costs.

So great how Greg contributed to that thinking! I think Greg is great.

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