YSH website reflection

At the start of the year YSH came to Hawaii technology academy to possibly get a solution to the problem they were having. This problem was that the current website was cluttered and could use some updating on both the structure of the website and the content it has.

So I was put into a group with two other people, Carter and Kaleb, made simplistic streamlined website which took eliminated the clutter and overall improved the website. This website was made completely from scratch and took roughly four months to complete. The website, though not up on the internet as a fully functional site, runs off of the local computer through localhost:3000 and everything on the website is fully functional.

Overall, I learned a lot from this project as this is my first full stack project that isn’t just for a grade. This website was made for the non-profit Youth Service Hawaii. I was assigned project manager for this project so I had to keep in contact with YSH and my group members, making sure that they had the information they needed. This is good practice for me as I want to work in the web dev field and having the knowledge of how a full stack project works will help me in general. If I could redo this project, I would because it was so fun and I got to learn a lot.