CampMed at UCR

Helping dreams come true…


It is normal to tell students who are still in the K-12 education system that they should dream to infinity and beyond because they are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. From an early age there are those kids who dream so hard and cannot wait until they turn their dreams into reality. Even though young students are encouraged as much as possible, there may be times where students are disadvantaged. These students may encounter a variety of setbacks especially when they are attending local low socioeconomics high schools. Let’s imagine a scenario: a young kid from Riverside who loves to play dress up as a doctor because they want to help make people feel better.


Although this kid may develop the dedication, skills, and desire of wanting to achieve his goals of being a doctor, the kid faces a major problem: he does not know who to ask for help. Furthermore, he is placed at a disadvantage since he experiencing socioeconomics issues. Overall, the student is struggling educationally and economically with Title 1.


Even though the student may feel lost during his setbacks, there may come a time where CampMed visits his school to give a presentation about the opportunities that are possible through this organization. After sitting through the presentation and discovering that he can be helped, the student could then ask for more information and apply for the program. The student would see for himself that CampMed at UCR is an organization that has a peer-mentorship and outreach program for disadvantaged high school students. In addition, he would see that this group focuses in promoting higher education where the disadvantaged kids are exposed to professions in the health field through a unique camp experience.

Once they have made an effort to seek out more information whether it be in person, through email, or phone call this student would be informed that CampMed at UCR is a student organization that was established in September 2016. The organization’s main purpose is to be a peer-mentoring program that exposes socio-economic disadvantaged youth to professions in the health field through a unique three day camp experience.

CampMed at UCR partners with high schools where they give presentations that offers insight about the organization. From here, students who are interested are able to apply for the program and receive the mentorship and services provided through the organization. CampMed’s purpose is not only to get these students into higher education, but also to engage them in different aspects of the healthcare field — specially the medical field.

CampMed at UCR has board members and counselors who fundraise throughout the year in order to provide the students with an all expense-paid 3 day camp during the spring where the students can network with physicians, nurses, pediatricians, etc. At the camp, the students are able to participate in workshops like suture clinics, taking blood and/or heart rates, and other related activities to motivate them.


The solution to this student’s problem could be solved if they were to be enrolled in the summer camp and continued to stay involved with the organization. Ultimately, the organization can help this student tackle their struggles where they would be receive the help needed to finish their undergraduate career where they would then advance to medical school and ultimately reaching their goal of becoming a doctor.

CampMed at UCR aims to achieve the following goals: (1) The organization is geared towards working hand in hand with students in local Riverside high schools. (2) CampMed at UCR seeks to unite Highlanders (UCR students) to motivate high school students to pursue higher education and help them develop the skill set needed in order to perform at their full potential. (3) The organization also builds lifelong connections through their 3-Day camp, peer mentorship program, and educational workshops.

Additionally, there are major benefits for college students when joining this organization:

  • Be a mentor and have a direct impact in shaping and influencing a persons life
  • Design and leadership workshops
  • Develop interpersonal skills

On another note, there are also benefits for prospective students:

  • Network with professionals in the health field
  • Have a direct contact with an approachable student to answer questions regarding college applications, financial aid, and other related topics

This organization helps students realize and achieve their dreams.